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Automating Sales Leads using AI.

Automate lead pipeline by building quick embedable AI for your website specific to your brand.
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Join +100 of creators, and startups start getting more sales leads.

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Find an AI Widget, Or Build One.

Hustle AI has a library of 1000s of AI Widgets that can be embeded right away, incase you need something more personalized create one.

manage granular level bills of material when making products

Get perfect sales leads for your niche.

  • Target the users who have a desperate need for a certain thing rather than 'throw it out there' marketing.

Convert sales lead using AI sales assist.

  • We provide sales assist AI chat with trained sales Agents who are trained as multiple personalities and business practicies to sell.
accept online orders from all online stores in one place
manage granular level bills of material when making products

Rank better on google with custom made AI solutions.

  • It's hard to hustle, why not use AI to rank better on google and while you do use our sales lead magnet to collect the leads right for you.

Hustle Smart, Not Hard

We use AI to provide you with easy to use AI solutions custom to your niche, also convert those leads using AI.
Lowest Acquisition Cost

Using AI we are bringing down sales lead cost 10 times.

Easiest to Use

Simplest Interface to use and manage leads.

1000s of prompt templates

We have a library of +2200 prompts ready for use.

Custom Key Support

We know privacy is important we support Open AI key

Live 24/7

We don't go down even when chatgpt is down. 100% uptime.

ChatGPT 4 Supported

We support GPT4 too, if your looking for exceptionally better results.


Setup Sales Automation with Hustle AI in 3 Steps

Collecting sales leads in 3 clicks, draft your solution and embed to collect leads on your website or blogs.
Step 1
Create an AI Widget

Create an AI Embedable widget using our AI widget library or by writing a custom prompt.

Step 2
Embed on your website

Simply paste the code on your website or blog to provide AI tools for your niche.

Step 3
Convert the leads to Cash

Using our Sales Assist feature turn those newly found leads into cold hard cash.


Our customers who are using Hustle AI Widgets

Our clients know that their customers want instant solution to their problems, which in return helps with better SEO.
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Pricing that's simple, predictable, and built to scale.

Try us for free β€” for 7 days.
Get 2 months free when you pay yearly.

One Price

For those just getting started or scale.

$10 / month
Get Sales Leads
  • AI Automated Lead Collection
  • Embed on any website or blog
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Excellent SEO
  • AI Sales Assist Emails
  • Lead Coversion
  • Localization

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Work less, achieve more with the power of automated hustle. Jump in today and see how easy it is to collect sales leads with Hustle AI.

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